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Our philosophy is to provide quality communications training to the 9-1-1 industry, public safety and beyond.  We extend high quality curriculum combined with extremely qualified instructors.  Our focus is committed to advancing your training, answering your questions, and bestowing a sense of pride within our industry. Our motivation is YOU!


9-1-1: A Guide for Families of Those who Answer the Call

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Upcoming Classes

  • February 9-13 - 40-Hour Beginning Dispatch School - Centreville, MI
  • February 19 & 20 - Leadership V: Conflict Resolution - Midland, MI
  • March 9-13 - 40-Hour Advanced Dispatch School - Centreville, MI
  • March 9 - 9-1-1 Liability - Centreville, MI

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  From the desk of

  Kelly R. Rasmussen, PhD, CEO
  Chief Executive Officer

Have you  Heard about the 9114911 conference? Listen here

If you have ever wondered how to better manage the negative morale in an emergency communications center, you are not alone. We have traveled the country helping dispatch centers everywhere to better deal with the stressors of the job and causes & symptoms of negativity. Our company is acclaimed for its perseverance and commitment to all of the needs of the organization. We care because you matter, we make a difference because we train, we teach, and we inspire. Let us help you achieve new levels of organizational harmony.

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